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Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinetry is the essence of any kitchen, setting the stylistic tone and tying the entire space together under a shared aesthetic. Cabinets take up most of the visible space within a kitchen, and therefore their color and design will reflect upon the entire room within a moment of seeing it. It is therefore important to consider your choice of cabinetry carefully with a clear vision for your kitchen in mind. CCCCabinets offers only the highest quality affordable cabinetry options to ensure that your vision is realized.


The countertop is the spatial focal point of any kitchen, and many kitchens choose to maximize their space by setting it around an island. The island can reshape an entire kitchen floorplan, yet also offers additional surface and storage space. Rather than merely changing the space available, a kitchen island changes the way we use that space – it can serve as extra room for cooking, as an open area for the household to gather around, or as a serving table for larger get-togethers. When considering the addition of a kitchen island, it is important to consider how it will be used and whether it should be used to complement or contrast the space surrounding it.

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Some floorplans are not cooperative with kitchen islands, making the kitchen bar a far more suitable option in many homes. Unlike the island, the kitchen bar remains connected to the remainder of the kitchen surface, thus delineating the kitchen from the remainder of the space, and often includes a built-in sink. This can give the kitchen a cozier sense of place perfect for smaller gatherings. Unlike the island, cabinetry is usually placed overhead, providing homeowners with a unique approach to coordinating storage and décor.


The pantry is far more than a mere ‘food closet’ – it is thencentral storage element of any kitchen. As such, pantries mustnbe implemented into any design with both style and functionality in mind. A pantry that makes intelligent use of storage space while also blending seamlessly into the rest of the cabinetry is an essential fixture that ensures that the kitchen remains organized and well provisioned.


The oven is increasingly becoming a technological appliance as much as it is a standard method of cooking, and many homeowners are looking to match this style with contemporary storage units. Oven cabinetry is an excellent way to add storage room in traditionally underutilized parts of the kitchen while simultaneously blending the oven into the surrounding aesthetic.

Lazy Susan

The implementation of circular motion into cabinet space allows for a 360 range of motion, granting access to the very back of the cabinet. Excellent for spaces that require dense storage and frequent access, our rotating shelving units turn a once tawdry amenity into a modern luxury for even the laziest of susans.


Glass Door

The modern aesthetic is rethinking the usage of translucent surfaces in kitchen design, especially on the faces of cabinets. Glass cabinet doors allow increased light into the kitchen and bestow a feeling of openness onto the space, while simultaneously showcasing the contents of the cabinet. This style of cabinet can be used strategically to highlight overhead storage units and compliment the remainder of a contemporary kitchen.

Bathroom Vanities

Adequately designed storage space is vital to maintain the balance of cleanliness, decorum, and functionality of any bathroom. Bathroom cabinetry combines elements of utility and elegance to provide the perfect fit for your bathroom or powder room.


Originally the invention of turn-of-the-century Chicago apartments, many homes today are incorporating elements of kitchens into the nooks and crannies of their floorplans, adding a modern utility to their houses. The kitchenette showcases the compacted yet functional usage of storage space and surface area in new ways.